Fisher Unhappy With Second FSU Scrimmage

Coach Fisher questioned the team's toughness after the second scrimmage of the spring.

Florida State took part in their second scrimmage of the Spring on Monday, and the last scrimmage before the Spring Game on Saturday. Head coach Jimbo Fisher was not pleased with the scrimmage and told the media so as he came of the field.

“The first scrimmage was better,” Fisher said. “I didn’t particularly like this one either side. We had a bunch of guys out there, in my opinion, that were trying to endure it, pick your moments and play hard at times, but with no consistency. Competition wasn’t like it was in the first scrimmage. Guys just trying to get through the scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Both sides had their good and bad, but there was not the competitiveness and physicality that needed to be in the scrimmage.”

Fisher continued to lament the team’s lack of intangibles on Monday and went so far as to question his teams toughness.

“They’ve got to grow up,” Fisher said. “Bunch of young guys think they’re real good and they’re no where close. No where close. Got ability, but have to learn to play with intangibles. A little bit soft as a team. Both sides.”

Starting running back Dalvin Cook didn’t participate much in the scrimmage, but he wasn’t pleased with the way the team practiced either.

“Today wasn’t good,” Cook said. “I can’t sugar coat it. It wasn’t a good day. I’m not going to say it was bad overall we just got to improve at certain positions and have more consistency. That’s what he wants. He wants to see every guy doing their job consistently and he ain’t getting that right now.”

As for what he can do to fix the problem coach Fisher was quick with his answer.

“Put your foot back in their rear end and make them do it the right way.” Fisher said. “They don’t do it then get rid of them and get new guys.”

Florida State is without quite a few starters on both sides of the football, but it is very clear that this young football team has quite a way to go if they want to continue the success they’ve had over the past four years.



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