Florida State Looking for NFL Draft Record

Jimbo Fisher has won a National Championship and produced a Heisman Trophy winner, it certainly appears as if the no. 1 overall selection in the draft is next in line. One other record he could hold would be if FSU can get 11 players drafted the 29 draftee's over the past three seasons would be one more than Miami (28) and USC (28).

Locks to get Drafted

QB Jameis Winston- 1st Round

OL Cameron Erving- 1st Round

CB Ronald Darby- 1-2 Round

DL Eddie Goldman- 1-3 Round

DL Mario Edwards- 1-3 Round

WR Rashad Greene- 2-4 Round

CB P.J. Williams- 2-4 Round

OL Tre Jackson- 2-4 Round

TE Nick O'Leary- 2-6 Round

OL Josue Matias- 2-6 Round

That is 10 players where it would be a monumental surprise if they did not get selected in the NFL draft!! A better question with that group is how many are going in the first two rounds. Could be as many as six, perhaps seven if things broke right. It will be somewhat interesting to see the actual draft order that they go in.

Should get Drafted

RB Karlos Williams- Karlos's athleticism and size should see him hear his named called on draft day. The concerns are that the RB position has lost a lot of value over the years and Karlos is seen as a bit of an underachiever. He also lacks some of the instincts at the RB spot. On the plus side it would surprise no one if he was a better pro than college player. He seems safely in the "drafted" group today.

OL Bobby Hart- Hart has excellent size, is very young, and all the tools are there. He should hear his name called at some point. He never really took the next step as a player and there is some question as to his future position. Hart appears to be on the fence in terms of getting drafted.

Draft Eligible

OC Austin Barron- Position and size will keep him from getting drafted. May make a camp.

TE Kevin Haplea- Injuries and lack of production are a concern. Looked great the pro day and may find his way to camp next year.

WR Christian Green- Very little production, but still possesses NFl talent.

The 2016 NFL Draft

Is it too early to look towards next years draft? Not for me. While it certainly does not look like THIS group above, FSU should not fall too far.

CB Jalen Ramsey- Moving back to CB this year where a solid season should put him in the top 10 of next years draft, perhaps top 5. Draft eligible.

LB Terrance Smith- Will be a three year starter and has improved every year. Needs to stay healthy, but we look for a big year from Smith as a senior.

DL Nile Lawrence-Stample- Like Smith, he needs to shake of the injury bug and put together a healthy season. Probably not a premium draft choice, but should be in the middle of the draft somewhere.

RB Mario Pender- We do not expect him back for year five, a solid season in the 800 plus yard range plus some solid workouts would put Pender firmly in the draft radar.

LB Matthew Thomas- Has been a mild disappointment in years 1 and 2, but make no mistake ole no. 6 is capable of being a difference maker and may project better to the next level. Could go as high as round 1 if he has a big season.

S Tyler Hunter/LB Reggie Northrup- Lack of elite physicals will hurt both players, but both will have played a ton and will need to earn their spots on special teams. It remains to be seen if Northrup returns at all in 2015 or targets 2016.

OL Chad Mavety/Kareem Are- Both JUCO signee's from 2014 did not play much last year, but both are projected to start and a particularly strong season could have either looking at the draft.

DL Giorgio Newberry/Derrick Mitchell- Both possess elite size, but neither are fast twitch athletes. First we will need to see how much they play as seniors (indications from Spring are that the youngsters are stepping up).

CB Marquez White- Would take a monster season (his only starting), but his build and athleticism are elite enough to warrant making the list. Much more likely to be back in 2016.

Under the best of circumstances this group will not match the 2015 draft class, but FSU hardly appears to be going away in this sense. A safe number is probably five drafted.

The 2017 NFL Draft

RB Dalvin Cook- He is ready to go right now, but has to wait two years.

OL Roderick Johnson- Like Cook he is ready now, but two years of weight and strength gain will only help. Had an uneven Spring.

WR Ermon Lane/Travis Rudolph/Javon Harrison- One figures to be ready to go at that point.

This is too early to predict, but there is a ton of talent that could be draft eligible. LB Jacob Pugh, DE Lorenzo Featherston (or Rick Leonard), DT Derrick Nnadi, DL DeMarcus Christmas (or Arthur Williams). L-0-A-D-E-D. I would expect this draft class to perhaps rival the 2015 group when all is said and done.

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