Florida State Spring Stock Report: Stock Down

Florida State had a number of injuries this spring and it really hurt some of the players chances of playing time come the fall.

While some players helped themselves this spring others fell behind. Here are five players who will need big summers to get back to where they need to be.

Stock Falling

1. Chris Casher: Casher was a starter at defensive end last year, but was out for the spring with an injury. Since he was out Pugh, Featherston, Leonard, and Walker have all stepped up and played very well. He will have a chance to get back into the rotation in the summer and fall right now, but it’s not looking good for the former 5-star.

2. Jeremy Kerr: Kerr was out most of the spring with an injury and both of the younger tight ends have passed him. Ryan Izzo and Mavin Saunders are both superior athletes to Kerr and are better overall tight ends now that Saunders has improved his blocking. Kerr will likely find some playing time in goalline situations when they need an extra blocker, but he’s not going to be an everyday player.

3. Kermit Whitfield: Whitfield missed fourth quarter drills running track and then missed all spring with a hamstring injury. He has been passed on the depth chart by nearly everyone at this point and he’s not even in the rotation to return kicks. Add in his disappearance last season with the talent that’s coming in at the position and he’s likely going to be buried for good.

4. Ryan Hoefeld: Hoefeld went down early in the spring with a knee injury and he really needed the reps. He had a leg up on Alec Eberle and Corey Martinez with his time with the first team last season, but both took advantage of his absence to make up that ground and move ahead of him. It will be tough for Hoefeld to get back into the starting line up.

5. John Franklin III: Franklin made the move to wide receiver early last season, but switched back to quarterback late last season and continued to play there this spring. Unfortunately for Franklin, Sean Maguire has a hold on the starting quarterback position and it may be too late to move to receiver. The wide receiver position is now overcrowded with young talent and it would be hard for Franklin to break into the rotation.



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