Winston Sued Over Sexual Assault Allegation

A civil suit has been filed against Jameis Winston in relation to allegations of sexual assault in December 2012.

As first reported by Tampa Times' Matt Baker, Erica Kinsman has filed a civil suit against Jameis Winston, alleging that he sexually assaulted her in December of 2012. Winston was not charged with a crime after a lengthy investigation of the incident, which he has insisted was a consensual sexual encounter, and three separate investigations concluded that the evidence was insufficient to arrest, charge, or rule him guilty of a school code of conduct violation.

Investigators and authorities, including State Attorney Wille Meggs—who has a reputation for being especially hard on FSU athletes—have consistently found Kinsman's account of the encounter "problematic" (to quote Meggs). Former Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Major Harding observed that neither Winston's account nor Kinsman's account of exactly what happened in Winston's bedroom could be shown to be more likely than the other but pointed to inconsistencies between Kinsman's claims of incapacitation and forensic evidence collected hours after the encounter as damaging to her case.

The timing of the lawsuit is interesting, as Winston is expected to be the first pick in the NFL Draft in two weeks.




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