NFL Draft Scouting Report: Josue Matias

How the former FSU offensive guard projects at the next level.


Josue Matias was a four-star offensive tackle out of Union, NJ and arrived as part of the heralded FSU offensive line class of 2011. Matias started the final game of his freshman year against Notre Dame in the Champs Sports Bowl and was a fixture at guard the next three seasons.

Scouting Report


Already looks like an NFL veteran. Thick through the shoulders with a flat abdomen and doesn’t carry a lot of bad weight. A mauler with good hands and finishes blocks. Plays with a wide base. Above average at the second level and a good combo blocker. Keeps good angles in the zone running game and stays in balance. Better than average recognition as a pass blocker and can help to either side when not occupied. Flashes surprising ability to run ahead of screens. Well schooled under Rick Trickett and is coachable.

Room for Improvement

Tight hips and stiff lower body. Tends to reach and rely on upper body strength. Struggled against quickness. Waist bender and can be grabbed and pulled by good pass rushers. Heavy footed and does not move well laterally. Over-helped at times in 2014, though perhaps due to problems around him on FSU OL. Frustrating number of false starts for a veteran player.

Combine/Pro Day Results

Combine/Pro Day Results














33 1/8









Matias’ NFL Combine numbers were almost comically poor; it’s hard to believe he was healthy at that point, as they were far worse than the athleticism he showed on tape:

He tested significantly better in his pro day workouts, but the resulting numbers were still below average, reflecting poor hip power and explosion, subpar lateral movement, and (perhaps most damningly) below average upper body strength. Based on the tape, the lack of explosion and lateral agility were no surprise, but he cannot afford not to be stronger given his other limitations.

He had an above average showing in position drills at pro day and still projects as a probable NFL starter, but he does have athletic limitations and will need to develop as an athlete.


On the high end, Matias could be a decade-plus starter at guard in the NFL and above average at the position.

On the low end, without significant work developing as an athlete and as a technician, he could become a utility backup for a few seasons before washing out of the league.


Matias is a mid-round prospect with above-average starter potential at the guard position. Thanks to his experience, he could potentially start sooner rather than later, but his pro team will need to put him on a quality S&C program to get him further developed athletically.

Grade: 5.35 (Quality backup with starter potential).

Compares To

James Carpenter

Draft Prediction

Range: Late 4th through 5th round

I expect Matias to go somewhere in the fifth round.



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