Mike Martin Receives Contract Extension

Florida State head coach Mike "11" Martin received a two-year contract extension.

Florida State head coach Mike Martin received a two-year contract extension that is set to go in place on July 1, 2015. It builds on his previous contract extension of three years signed in 2012. Coach Martin will make $577,500.00 each of the next two years.

Martin has won an incredible 1,857 games during his 36 seasons as the Seminoles head coach, which is second only to Texas head coach Augie Garrido. He was very thankful for the opportunity to continue coaching at Florida State.

"When you have coached at a university for 30 years and you are on a one year contract, you don't think anything about it," Martin said. "Florida State doesn't owe me anything. I and my family owe Florida State everything. I am very comfortable with everything and I am looking forward to continuing to work for Florida State. And I am looking forward to this weekend."

In the release by Seminoles.com new Florida State President John Thrasher issued this statement about the contract extension for the Hall of Famer.

"Mike Martin's hall of fame career at Florida State has served as a great example to our student-athletes, of course, but it has reached far beyond just that group," said FSU President John Thrasher. "His ability to lead our baseball team to consistent success at the very highest level year after year, and to do so while maintaining high integrity throughout his program, makes him a leader that our faculty, staff, students and alumni are especially proud of."

Coach Martin has never finished a season with less than 43 wins and has a career winning percentage of .741. The Seminoles will look to make their 16th trip to the College World Series under Martin this weekend with instate rival Florida standing in their way.

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