FSU RB Dalvin Cook Under Investigation

Florida State running back Dalvin Cook is under investigation for battery.

Star Florida State running back Dalvin Cook is being investigated for battery after allegedly striking a woman outside a bar on June 23 per the Tallahassee Democrat.

The incident occurred one day before freshman quarterback De’Andre Johnson was charged with batter for striking a woman in a bar.

State attorney Willie Meggs responded with this statement after i asked him about the incident.

“There is a process that is taking place to issue the warrant [for the arrest of Dalvin Cook]," Meggs said.

7/10 6:18 UPDATE

I have obtained a copy of the probable cause affidavit and here are the details from that report:

As the officer arrived on the scene he noted that the victim had a bloody lip and dirt on her left knee. She was also intoxicated. He photographed her injuries.

The victim told the officer that after the bar closed she was speaking to several Florida State players. The two parties began a heated verbal argument between the woman and an unidentified male, who was later identified as Florida State running back Dalvin Cook.

The victim alleges that Cook had walked away while continuing to yell at her. Florida State receiver Travis Rudolph approached her to have a conversation and they started to argue.

The victim stated that Rudolph was too close to her so she shoved him away. He did not react. Cook asked the victim if she had shoved Rudolph and continued to yell at her. Cook then began swinging at her. She did not know how many times she was struck. She fell back against a black Jeep.

The victim then stated that Cook was restrained by people nearby, but approached her again and managed to strike her one more time. This caused her to fall to a knee. The Florida State players then walked away.

A male witness stated that he saw a black male being very forward with the victim about taking her home. He stated that after the bar closed he saw the same black male with a larger group then said one of the males punched the victim. He was unable to identify the male who threw the punch.

A female witness who was very intoxicated and friends with Travis Rudolph saw the victim get punched by the older brother of a freshman wide receiver. That witness was talked to again and named Dalvin Cook as the male who threw the punch. She had received the name and made identification after speaking with the Victim.

Cook was identified through social media by the victim, the female witness and the victim’s father. The victim then identified Cook through a photographic line-up as the male that punched her.

On July 1, Cook told the officer he did not remember getting into an argument that night and that he did not hit anyone.

Travis Rudolph told the officer that there had been a verbal altercation, but that he was unaware of a fight taking place. He said that the two left before things “got out of hand.” Rudolph said he was with Cook the entire evening and the two were not separated.

Deondre Francois was also present that night and told the officer that there had been a verbal altercation and that Rudolph had been struck by one of the females. He said he did not witness anyone fighting and that he went and sat in the car. When Cook and Rudolph got in the car he told the officer they both seemed upset about the incident. Francois denied his witnessing or them talking about the fight.

Cook had previously been arrested resulting in a failure-to-appear and did not qualify for a notice-to-appear and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

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