Dalvin Cook's Lawyer Refutes Allegations

Dalvin Cook's lawyer has refuted allegations that he struck a woman.

Florida State running back Dalvin Cook was charged with misdemeanor battery after allegedly striking a woman. Cook's lawyer, Ricky Patel of Miami, stated that those allegations are false and that his client left before the the incident got out of hand according to a report by ESPN's Mark Schlabach.

Patel was very adamant that his client did nothing wrong in the ESPN report.

"Dalvin Cook did not strike this woman," Ricky Patel, a Miami-based attorney said. "Players were leaving the scene at the same time. But Dalvin walked away before it got out of hand."

"We are not interested in a plea," Patel said. "It's just not right here. It must be dropped or he must be found not guilty. If necessary we will file civil charges after these false allegations."

"This is not clean," Patel said. "There are conflicting statements. The woman and her dad -- who was not there -- identified Dalvin after being shown social-media pictures of Dalvin and some random people. It was an extremely unfair 'lineup.' The pressure is so high the assumption is 'he did it.' There is no judge and jury here. It's just not right."

"The bottom line is this does not relate to Dalvin," Patel said. "There is no video. And regardles of if there is a video there is no room for that type of behavior. But Dalvin walked away. He is not an individual that would be involved in attacking a woman."

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