Interview: Culture and Leadership at FSU

Jason Staples was a guest on Sports Talk Florida yesterday to discuss FSU's recent disciplinary issues, talking about the Seminoles' need for leadership and addressing whether FSU has compromised discipline for wins or taken more character risks in recruiting.

Jason Staples joined Jenna Laine on Sports Talk Florida yesterday to discuss FSU's disciplinary issues.

Laine: As far as De'Andre Johnson goes, this was a Mr. Football here in the state of Florida. That carries some weight but the fact that he would go off to FSU and seemingly have these problems, I don't know if anyone could have predicted it. But is there some type of culture crisis there that's causing this to happen?

Staples "I don't think there's any way around that being an issue at this point. This is something, if you've been around the Florida State program since Jimbo Fisher took over, he has preached the importance of culture. And not just a winning culture, but a culture of excellence and integrity... It's something he's always taken a lot of pride in. So absolutely, when you see a kid like De'Andre Johnson get into trouble like this, that is an illustration that something is not quite right in terms of the culture and that there needs be a revisiting in that regard to make sure everything is the way it should be... In talking about the need for leadership within the team to step forward and do this, and this is something that some of my old teammates and a number of former players from the program have talked about, where is the Anquan Boldin? Where are some of these guys that are going to step in and make sure that guys on the team are policed a little bit? The guys with the respect to do this sort of thing... I do feel like there has been a lack in having a clear guy or a few guys stepping forward and take that role."

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