Florida State Football Media Day Updates

All your updates from Florida State Football's media day.

Dalvin Cook took one photo with the team and then left while the team took another one.

Marcus Lewis, who left Friday's practice with an injury, was walking around without crutches and was without a brace or a wrap. He was walking around fine.

Jimbo said he stayed away from Golson with regards to how the team reacted to him. Wanted that to be natural not forced.

Jimbo plays down the idea that this team has lower expectations than the last two years. Said they always have the same expectations regardless.

Jimbo: I never sustain. When i climb the mountain i walk back down it and climb it again.

Jimbo believes that Everett Golson will be able to run the whole playbook.

Jimbo praising the younger players with the way they've handled coaching and tempo. Said they need to work on consistency.

Jimbo: Pender and Vickers have ran extremely well. Patrick has run very well. I've been very pleased with all our backs.

Jimbo said he is waiting for the facts in the Dalvin Cook situation to come out.

Jimbo said the main difference between the 2013 and 2014 defenses were the leaders on the 2013 team.

Jimbo said some of the players from northern schools had never played spring ball and have to adjust to doing that in college.

Jimbo asked about Jameis' interceptions at Bucs practice. Said that's why they close practice at FSU. Said everyone makes mistakes in practice. That's what practice is for.

Jimbo thinks the schools need to do a better job of providing a better outlet for players outside of football.

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