Two Freshman Receivers Standing Out To Dawsey

Florida State coach Lawrence Dawsey had some high praise for the two new freshman at Florida State.

The Florida State offense has a plethora of young, talented wide receivers including two freshmen that just arrived on campus. The 2015 wide receiver class that Florida State brought in was arguably the best in the country with George Campbell, Da’Vante Phillips, Nyquan Murray and Auden Tate.

Campbell showed off why he was one of the top receivers in the 2015 class during the spring and capped it off with an excellent catch and run for a touchdown in the Spring game. We’re just now getting our first look at Murray and Tate, but both players have stood out to wide receiver coach Lawrence Dawsey.

“Auden Tate and Nyquan. Special,” Dawsey said. “Both of them. Real special.”

Murray especially has caught Dawsey’s eye so far in camp.

“You’ll see Nyquan out there, 80, he’s got some of the same qualities and skills that the last 80 had. A great route runner, understands the coverages. He’s everything that they told me he would be. Great ball skills. It’s unbelievable how similar he reminds me of Greene. They’re about the same size. He’s come in at 175, 5-foot-11. I’m real pleased with Nyquan.”

Both Dawsey and quarterback Sean Maguire said that Tate made an incredible catch in practice yesterday and that it reminded him of another former Seminole.

“Auden Tate made a tremendous catch on a comeback that I threw yesterday,” Maguire said. “It was a little high and the defender ran right by him. It was a one handed snag. It was reminiscent of the young KB.”

“It was unreal,” Dawsey said. “In the one-on-one. He’s got some mittens out there. He ran a route and the ball was about to go out of bounds. Wasn’t anybody else that could have made it but him because of his size and length. He just put one hand out and pulled it in.”

Tate comes in to Florida State at 6-foot-5, 216-pounds and his body control is unbelievable for a guy that size.

“It’s just that special,” Dawsey said. “To be that big and he made a catch on a dig route. Jalen was sticking him one-on-one and he made a move and a guy that big to make that kind of move and get inside and make that catch. Coach Fisher and I just looked at each other and started smiling like yeah we got something to work with.”

The past two wide receiver classes that Florida State has brought in have been phenomenal and the competition for playing time at those positions will be one of the most intense battles not just of the fall, but in the years to come.

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