Jalen Ramsey Sees Improvement In Pass Rush

Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey has seen improvement in the pass rush during fall camp.

Florida State’s pass rush last season has been much maligned by the fans and media since the season ended. The Seminoles recorded just 17 sacks for the entire season, and with the losses of Eddie Goldman and Mario Edwards Jr. there were questions about how the pass rush would do this season.

Enter defensive ends coach Brad Lawing, a pass rushing specialist, who replaced Sal Sunseri. Lawing has made some changes to what position he is putting specific players in and the things that the team was asking them to do.

That has apparently paid off already with All-American defensive back Jalen Ramsey noticing a difference during the scrimmage.

“Definitely,” Ramsey said. “I know they’re working hard out there. Working on the pass rush. Today was our first day that was really live like that. So I know I definitely saw some sacks. Of course a touch of the quarterback is a sack for us. They’re affecting the pass lanes and getting tipped passes. We’re getting interceptions and turnovers off of it.”

With the defense getting more of a pass rush Ramsey said it has helped the secondary make more plays.

“A lot easier,” Ramsey said. “They help us tremendously and we help them. The better we can cover we can help them get to the quarterback. The better they can get to the quarterback they can help us. We don’t have to cover as long. We can make plays on the ball. It’s great. It’s good teamwork. It goes hand in hand.”

Florida State was one of the top turnover producing teams in the country in 2013 and one of the worst in 2014. A significant portion of that was due to the lack of a pass rush and forcing the secondary to cover for longer periods. If the pass rush can affect the quarterback like Ramsey said they were it bodes well for a return to the right side of the turnover spectrum for the Seminoles.

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