Jameis Winston Looked In Control To Fisher

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher saw a lot of good things in Jameis Winston's pro debut.

Former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston made his pro debut against the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday night. Winston went 9/19 for 131 yards, 1 interception, and 1 rushing touchdown. A lot has been made of Winston’s up and down performance in the game, but Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher liked what he saw out of his former quarterback.

“Had a couple good plays,” Fisher said. “The thing I like was that he felt in control of the game. Never looked out of place. Made some really nice throws in there. Scrambled and moved well. I thought, from my point, had good presence about his offense. That’s just from an advice stand point. Standing back. But he didn’t look lost at all.

For Fisher it was like watching one of his kids move away from home. He wanted to call and remind him of some little things, but wanted to let him go his own way.

“I want to call and give him all the little reminders, but they have their own thing,” Fisher said. “It’s like your parent when your kids run away and go to college. You want to call them every day and give them that three things before you walk out the door that your mom and dad always told you. He’s a grown man. He learns well. Just proud of him.”

Winston and Fisher still keep in close contact and Fisher said Winston was worried about the team heading into their first scrimmage.

“I talked to him that day,” Fisher said. “I text him a couple times and he text back worried about us. I told him, ‘you need to worry about you.’ Just communicating with him and wishing him good luck.”

Winston still has a lot to learn and a long way to go in the NFL, but as Fisher said, there were a lot of positive signs in his first game.

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