Bobo Wilson Ready To Lead Florida State

Florida State wide receiver Bobo Wilson is ready to step up and play a prominent role for the Seminoles in 2015.

The Florida State wide receiver position will be one to watch for in 2015. On one hand the position group as a whole is very young. On the other the Seminoles have recruited so well at the position that there are only three 3-stars on the roster. Jesus “Bobo” Wilson is one of those 3-stars, and also is one of only two upperclassmen at the position as well. Still, Wilson has shown that he is capable of playing at the level that Florida State has asked him too.

Wilson recorded at least one catch in 13 of the 14 games last season and had multiple catches in 11. His best game of the season came against NC State where he had 6 receptions for 109 yards and 2 touchdowns. Wilson tapered off towards the end of the season only recording four catches over the last month of the season, but reemerged during the Rose Bowl with 5 catches for 72 yards. He finished the season with 42 receptions for 527 yards and 4 touchdowns.

With the high amount of talent that the Seminoles have recruited at the position there have been questions as to whether Wilson would be able to hold on to a starting spot. So far during camp that answer has been yes. Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher has been very pleased with the progress that Wilson has made.

“Some of the older guys that have jumped out, I think Bobo is playing phenomenal football,” Fisher said. “…When you first get to ball, there’s a thing called ‘I belong here and I’m really good enough.’ It’s like anything you do new. You do it and the game just slows down. You start to see things, you start to process more things and make better decisions. That allows your mind to be more free. I’ve been pleased. I mean tough catches.”

Wilson believes that a lot of the problems that he had last year were because he was over thinking things on the field. This year he knows where he’s supposed to be and is just going out and playing.

“Last year I was always thinking too much in the game,” Wilson said. “This year I just feel more relaxed. I know what to do. I know my depth of the route, I know where to be, I know how to read my coverages. I’m comfortable this year.”

With so many young players at the receiver position Wilson felt like he needed to step up and be the leader of the group. He’s been working on that this summer as well.

“It’s just becoming more mature, on the field and off the field,” Wilson said. “You’ve got to take care of business off the field and on the field. I’ve got to become more of a leader this year, a vocal leader. So I’ve got to show the younger guys how to do it, how to step up.”

Wilson has added 10 pounds this offseason and says he’s really seen a difference in his blocking as well as receiving.

“It helps a lot with my blocking, separation with defenders, getting open,” Wilson said. “…I feel a lot stronger this year. I feel I can control a defender, to get my hands inside. Last year I wasn’t really doing that as much. Now I can explode off the ball, get my hands inside. Control the defender.”

Wilson goes up against All-American cornerback Jalen Ramsey in practice each day, and Ramsey believes that Bobo is going to have success this season.

“I never felt like Bobo was playing not with confidence or a lack of confidence. I feel like he’s always played with confidence. He’s always been able to do the job and get the job done so I think it’s the same. I think he’s even more energetic this year going into it. He wants to compete. He wants to work every day.”

A lot of Wilson’s success so far in his career has come from his preparation off the field. During an interview last season Rashad Greene talked about how much work Wilson was willing to put in to be great.

“His preparation is what everything starts with,” Greene said. “What people don’t see on those practice field. The way he is learning and working hard. You guys just see it on Saturday, but I see it every day. I see him evolving as a young man and as a player. He’s learning and understanding all the details. He’s continuously staying dedicated. It’s not hard to go out and get better at something. It’s the discipline part. Can you do it continuously? Can you do it every day? He’s doing a great job of doing it every day.”

Wilson has kept that going into this season and will need to continue that hard work with the amount of talent that Florida State has behind him. Wilson has the talent and the drive to be a great receiver for the Seminoles. Now it’s time for him to translate that to Saturdays.

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