Jimbo Fisher Taking His Time Naming a QB

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher is taking his time deciding on a quarterback.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher has a tough choice to make, but it doesn't look like he will make it any time soon. Whether Sean Maguire or Everett Golson be the starting quarterback this season is on every Florida State fans mind, but Fisher is taking his time with the decision and letting both players compete for the job. Maguire, a redshirt junior, has been at Florida State his entire career, and knows the way the program works, as well as the ins and outs of the offense. Everett Golson is a graduate transfer from Notre Dame, who helped lead the Irish to the 2012 National Championship game.

Fisher isn't out to gain a competitive advantage by not naming the starter. He's just letting the process play out.

“It’s no secret," Fisher said. "We’ll name a quarterback when one’s ready. When you’re good and you’ve got the right guy, and that guy has won the job, then you name it. If it’s today, …the other team is going to figure it out when they get out there…I’m not putting a timetable on it. We’ll know when we know.”

Position battles are part of football and Fisher notes that he has had one every couple years that he has been coaching. For him it doesn't just come down to one thing, but there is something that stands above the rest when it comes to winning the starting job.

"Consistency. How they affect the other guys on the team. I mean we had Pat Nix and Stan White. Then I had Pat Nix and Dameyune Craig. Josh Booty, Craig Nall and Rohan Davey. Then I had Matt Mauk and Marcus Randall. Then I had Marcus Randall and Jamarcus Russell. The Jamarcus Russell and Matt Flynn. Then here we had Drew and Xavier. Then we had Ponder and Drew. Then we had Jameis and Coker. It’s part of the business."

In each of the last two quarterback battles at Florida State the player with the least amount of time in the program has won the job. Will that continue to the be the case with this one? 

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