Jimbo Fisher Pleased With The Defensive Line

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher was pleased with the defensive line after practice today.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher was not pleased at the end of Friday's practice, but the one position group that he did seem pleased with was the defensive line. Fisher singled out Derrick Nnadi and Nile Lawrence-Stample as the two players that were standing out the most to him. He also named Josh Sweat, Jacob Pugh, and Demarcus walked as a couple others that were standing out.

"Solid," Fisher said. "There are two of them. Nnadi and Nile are playing pretty well. Pugh, Sweat, and Demarcus Walker. Those guys are doing some really good things. The rest of them have a ways to go, but that first group is doing a really good job."

Fisher has continuosly talked about how impressed he has been with the way Sweat has come back from injury and today was no exception.

"He's healthy," Fisher said. "He's playing fast. He's long and athletic. He's getting better in knowing what to do and playing with more consistency. He's playing faster."

The defensive line was a major concern for the Seminoles heading into the 2015 season after only producing 17 sacks last season. If that first group is playing as well as Fisher says they are then that will definitely alleviate some of the pressure on the rest of the defense this season.

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