Jimbo Fisher TSU Press Conference Update

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher will be holding his first press conference of the season at 1 PM.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher will be having his first press conference of the season today starting at 1 PM. The big question on everyone's mind is who will be the starting quarterback. Will Fisher announce that today? Stay tuned for updates.

There is no depth chart in the game notes.

Demarcus Walker, Nile Lawrence-Stample, and Derrick Nnadi listed as the projected contributors on the defensive line. Jacob Pugh (Buck), Reggie Northrup (Mike), and Terrance Smith (Will) are listed as the linebackers. 

Jimbo Fisher has arrived:

Very pleased with how the team is depth wise. They have a great attitude and he's looking forward to a very successful season.

He's very comfortable with where they are injury wise. A couple players are out, but not too many.

Jimbo currently talking up Texas State like they're the 85 Bears.

Jimbo mentioned getting Derrick Kelly, Travis Rudolph, Ja'Vonn Harrison, Dalvin Cook back from injuries and other things. Getting Casher back. Tarvarus McFadden should be back today.

No quarterback decision has been officially made yet. Says," We'll know very soon." Then says that he will be telling the team before the media.

Says he would be very comfortable with either quarterback.

As Golson gets more comfortable it makes Jimbo more comfortable. "It's not about what i know. It's about what i can get him to know."

Jimbo says that he has had to change things with every quarterback. Notes how different it was from EJ to Jameis.

Jimbo says Sean has really ramped it up this year because he felt like he was the guy.

Jimbo on the OL: We're more athletic than we have ever been.

Jimbo on Sweat's recovery: "How is he doing this?"

Jimbo on Sweat: Those injuries are much more mental than physical and he's been very willing to go through it.

Jimbo: Didn't go into it thinking about when he would be back just that he would be back.

Jimbo has been pleased with the way the receivers have bounced back after struggling early.

Dalvin will be full go on Saturday.

Jimbo said Rudolph has really stepped up. He's fully healthy now.

Jimbo says Sweat's gone through all of fall practice. He will have an opportunity to play on defense. Could be one of the players that comes alive when the lights go on.

Jimbo said he's seen major progress in the pass rush.

Jimbo said Cook is well conditioned at this point.

Jimbo is raving about the ability in the secondary right now.

Jimbo says it's the same Roberto.

Jimbo: I think it's a big,strong, athletic group up front on the offensive line.

Jimbo: I'm not going to short leash anyone. 

Jimbo: Jacob Pugh plays the run very well, but he can really get after the quarterback. He can cover too.

Jimbo: "You don't have to be sick to get better."

Jimbo says that new coaches need to be very open minded and lists a lot of things that go into coaching outside of the football field. 

Jimbo: I'm confident. I like this team. I'm excited to coach them. I like the demeanor.

Jimbo: It's great to open up in Doak Campbell.

Jimbo says Christmas and Fred Jones have really stood out among the younger defensive tackles. 

Jimbo says he hopes to get Featherston back in the next week or two. 

Jimbo: I think the players like the night games. I think the players like the lights.

Jimbo: The kick return game has really improved. 

Reggie Northrup will start.

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