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FSU HC Jimbo Fisher USF Press Conference

Get all your updates from Jimbo Fisher's weekly press conference here.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher's press conference will start at 1 PM. We will have all the vital updates right here throughout the press conference.

Jimbo Fisher has arrived.

Jimbo pleased with the 23 freshmen and redshirt freshmen that played in the game.

Jimbo said there are a lot of little things that they need to work on.

Jimbo praising the wide receivers blocking skills. 

Jimbo was happy with the kickoff return unit and the punt return and coverage units. Wasn't happy with Aguayo and Beatty.

Jimbo said USF is physical on defense and that they play very hard. Praises their offense says the team will have to play very well.

Jimbo said the team came out very healthy. A couple bangs and bruises.

Jimbo praises Golson, but said that he still had some things to work on.

Jimbo praised Rod Johnson Kareem Are and Wilson Bell. Said Martinez and Ruble also played well for young guys.

Jimbo said the players of the game were Dalvin Cook, Jalen Ramsey, and Giorgio Newberry.

He praised Terrance Smith and Demarcus Walker as well.

Jimbo's been really pleased with the way Newberry's played. 

Says Everett Golson has a chance to be a very good quarterback. He's becoming much more efficient and accurate.

Jimbo asked about Brock Ruble and Corey Martinez. He says that he was very impressed.

Jimbo says that Bobo Wilson will be the starting punt returner.

Says the defense rallied to the ball very well.

Charlie Ward suggested to Ramsey that he wears his number.

I know why Charlie won a championship because it's never about Charlie.

Jimbo asked about putting the ball in Jalen's hand. Jimbo asked why you wouldn't put the ball in your best players hand. Mentions Deion Sanders and Terrell Buckley as returners.

Bobo had the best camp of any of the receivers.

Jimbo hopes to have Lorenzo Featherston back in two weeks.

Jimbo says the key to stopping a running quarterback is to hit them. Make them feel it. You can't sit back and not pressure him. Have to have great pursuit angles.

Jimbo says if the wide receivers want to play they have to block. Otherwise they're going to see the bench.

Jimbo says this team is very close. Like a family.

Izzo blocked extremely well. Jimbo was very pleased with him.

Jimbo praising Freddie Stevenson's downfield blocking.

Jimbo-to have two guys that are that fast and that can block for each other... They're both great inside runners.

Jimbo says Pender can be a special player. Says he's worked really hard.

Jimbo says his communication with Golson was very good. 

Jimbo says that Walker (285) and Newberry (300) are big enough to play inside.

Jimbo says this may be the deepest defensive line he's had at FSU.

Jimbo says Josh Sweat played very well. Thought he could have played a little harder in the fourth quarter, but he played very well.

Jimbo says Derwin James played well. Says that he's a back end player that can come up and hit you.

Jimbo says he's extremely happy for JAcob Coker.

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