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Fisher Clear On Why Ramsey's Returning Kicks

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher was very clear on why he has Jalen Ramsey returning kickoffs.

Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey returned his first kickoff at Florida State on Saturday, and there have been questions about why the Seminoles would chance their best player on defense in that position. Head coach Jimbo Fisher had a very easy answer to those questions.

"Let me ask you something, when Deion Sanders was back there or Terrell Buckley was back there. When Rocket Ismail was back there. Why would you not put one of the best players with the ball in his hand? How is that a risk? What are you risking? That your best player doesn't touch the ball? I thought that was the object," Fisher said. "Everybody says it's a risk. Deion Sanders was the best punt returner in the history of the game. Terrell Buckley one of the best returners in the history of the game. You put your best players with the ball. Vanover was a receiver right? You get open space and you get the chance to put your best player with the ball in their hand you're going to do it. I don't see that as a risk. I see that as stupid if you don't."

Ramsey returned one kickoff for 37 yards, and was able to spring his counterpart, Kermit Whitfield, free on his 59 yard kickoff return. 

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