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Florida State football against South Florida. The good. The bad. The Ugly. FSU

The good, the bad, and the ugly from Florida State's game against South Florida.

I'm going to add one more category to this weeks Good, Bad, and Ugly segment because Dalvin Cook deserves to be in a class of his own after his performance on Saturday.

The Outstanding

Cook ran 30 times for 266 yards and three touchdown, all of which were from over 20-yards away. He averaged 8.9 yards per rush and became the schools second best single game rusher. I went more in depth on what makes Cook such a special running back here. Something of note is that, so far this season, Cook has accounted for 38.3-percent of Florida State's total offense. That's probably not sustainable, at least if Florida State wants to win another ACC Championship, but it goes to show just how important he is to this football team.

The Good

The Florida State defense, outside of two busted plays by Trey Marshall who filled in at safety after Lamarcus Brutus was ejected, was very efficient. They held dynamic quarterback Quinton Flowers to just 38 yards on 14 rushes over the game. USF running back Marlon Mack was also held under a hundred yards rushing. The secondary did a very good job as well, Marquez White in particular, and held USF to just 5.2 yards per attempt. That number drops to just 2.4 yards per attempt if you take out the long pass play that was caused a missed assignment. Part of that was the pass rush that the defense was able to get on Flowers. Florida State registered three sacks, but were constantly getting to the quarterback and forcing him to get the ball quickly or take off running. 

The Bad

The right side of the offensive line did not have a very good game in pass protection yesterday. Corey Martinez was constantly being pushed back and Wilson Bell and Brock Ruble were slow getting to their assignments. They caused multiple issues for Everett Golson in the first half with the pocket collapsing around him. The bright side of this is that all three of them are underclassmen, including two redshirt freshmen, and that their run blocking was very good. Dalvin Cook rushed to the right side 7 times in the game for 150 yards. He rushed up the middle 17 times for 107 yards. Compare that to the left side of the line, where Florida State had the majority of their success against Texas State, and it was 6 rushes for just 9 yards. All three of Cook's touchdowns came running to the right side.

The Ugly

Everett Golson's first half performance was something that he, and Florida State fans, will want to forget quickly. He went just 1-9 for 6 yards. It wasn't just his fault though. The offense line didn't allow him a lot of time on some plays and he was hindered by a few drops by the receivers. Golson picked it up in the second half going 13-17 for 157 yards and a touchdown. Golson's slow start is definitely a cause for concern, but it is encouraging to see him bounce back after facing adversity. 

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