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Florida State will monitor Dalvin Cook's reps in practice

Florida State will monitor star running back Dalvin Cook's reps in practice.

Through two games this season the Florida State offense has leaned heavily on sophomore running back Dalvin Cook. Cook has rushed 49 times for 422 yards and 5 touchdowns, and he's accounted for 38.3-percent of Florida State's offensive yards. Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher said that they didn't plan to give him 30 carries against South Florida. 

"I asked him yesterday 'how you doing?' and he said,'coach I feel fine,'"Fisher said. "Some guys can't take that much. His body feels very good. It wasn't the plan to go get him thirty, but it was just how the game went. He was making plays in a big critical game at critical times. We wanted to give Mario more, but when he got that hot in a big game, just like in the ACC Championship game. It doesn't bother him. He can go. We don't plan on doing that all the time, but we'll do it if we have definitely have too. He's got to get his touches in the game. When he's hot like that and he can finish we're going to keep giving it to him."

Florida State monitors the health of every player with the use of a GPS system. After carrying the ball that many times coach Fisher was very surprised that Cook's GPS rating during the game wasn't that high. 

"I'm going to tell you what his GPS rating wasn't that high," Fisher said. "That shows the condition he's in. That shows you the great condition he's in. It wasn't any higher than it was the last game. Believe that or not. It was very minimal so it kind of shocked me. That's a tribute to how well of a conditioned athlete he is."

Cook was able to get treatment right after the game and he thinks that's what helped his body recover so well.

"I feel great," Cook said. "Getting ready for BC now. The South Florida game is behind me. My body actually feels great. I've been taking good care of it. I take a lot of pride in that so i feel good... We had an early game. 11:30 game. So i was able right after the game to get a lot of treatment and recover. So i wasn't too banged up. After the game i was a little banged up, but i was pretty good."

Cook's conditioning, despite not being able to work out with the team for nearly too much, is phenomenal, and that has allowed coach Fisher a lot of leeway with Cook's carries. Florida State will have to continue to monitor him going forward, but Cook can clearly handle the extra workload.

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