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Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher's Boston College Week Press Conference.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher's Boston College week press conference.

It will start at 1 PM.

Jimbo has arrived.

Jimbo said he's proud of the way his players responded to some things.

He's talking about how penalties on special teams really put the team behind.

Proud of the way his team made adjustments at the half.

Said Everett Golson was a different person in the second half.

Giorgio was the player of the game on Defense. Dalvin Cook on offense.

Jimbo says Cason had two bad punts.

Jimbo asked about the comeback FSU had against BC in 2013.

Fisher praising BC. Says they give a lot of looks.

Jimbo: it wasn't the plan to give Cook 30 carries.

Jimbo: Cook's GPS rating wasn't that high.

Center, Right Guard, and Right Tackle are all very secure with their starters.

Jimbo says Cole Minshew, Chad Mavety, and Derrick Kelly all have a chance to make an impact this season.

Jimbo: The GPS comes in handy every week.

It's early in the year so they team should be pretty fresh.

Jimbo says it wasn't just the OL that caused the sacks and pressures. Says a WR and Golson caused a couple.

Casher won't practice today. Maybe in the next two days.

Featherston likely won't play this week, but is coming along.

Jimbo said Brutus' targeting wasn't intentional. Both guys lower their heads at the same time.

Jimbo: We have plans to get Mario touches.

Jimbo asked about being too harsh on the sideline. Says that it's whatever you need to do to get the job done.

Jimbo says that if he gets on a player too harshly he will go back and tell them that he was too harsh.

Jimbo says that the opening clip by Ryan Izzo really set the team back.

Jimbo thinks Golson feels good about and understands the offense.

Fisher praising Marquez and says that he's never been a sole football guy. Praising his instincts.

Jimbo praising Ro'Derrick Hoskins. Says he has the size and the ability to make a difference.

He was the runner up for player of the week.

Jimbo says Mavin will make the catch in the endzone in the next couple weeks.

Jimbo says he's got to be patient, but he's going to be a great player.

Jimbo praising Roderick Johnson for being very mature and taking responsibility for the offensive line's poor play on Saturday.

Jimbo on not being mad at halftime: We didn't play well, and i could be mad, but what would that do?

Jimbo praising the defensive effort on third down.

Jimbo asked about the 9 FBS players that were ejected: Said the refs weren't paying more attention to it.

Jimbo: we just have to coach them not to do it.

Jimbo: I'm a Saturday guy period. I think Friday night is for high school football.

Jimbo says that he watched a little bit of Jameis. Some good things. Some bad things. Needs to continue to grow.

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