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Florida State is looking to shore up the offensive line after a poor performance against USF.

Florida State looking to shore up the offensive line after a poor performance against USF.

The Florida State offensive line really struggled against South Florida, especially in the pass blocking department. Quarterback Everett Golson was sacked three times and hurried three more. The right side of the line with center Corey Martinez, right guard Wilson Bell, and right tackle Brock Ruble struggled heavily. With only one upperclassman offensive lineman these mistakes should be expected.

According to head coach Jimbo Fisher the offensive line weren't the only ones to blame for some of the pressure on Golson.

"[Golson] took a sack one time. It wasn't on him either. The receiver didn't break it off. He didn't do it, so he got hit," Fisher said. "One time, we had one earlier we did where the tackle sat out on the wrong guy. We double blocked a guy and had a chance on a one-on-one post for a wide open touchdown and just over set. One time we got on a twist. We held the ball just a hair longer."

That doesn't mean that he didn't have criticism for the offensive line, however. After the game on Saturday Fisher was not pleased with the performance of the offensive line in the first half. He did think they were better in the second half.

We did," Fisher said. "We got back and put hats on hats, and like I say, just one guy was off and they did some movements and some twists that we knew they were going to do, and when one guy is off up there, it can cost you."

Offensive lineman Roderick Johnson thought the offensive line didn't do a good enough job on blitz pickup and that it really affected Everett Golson in the first half.

"It's all on the o-line," Johnson said. "We weren't picking up the stunts so [Golson] was getting pressure. He needs time to read the defense, read his keys on defense. As an offensive line, we weren't picking up the blitz in time enough. We need to do a better job of that."

Johnson knew that the offensive line didn't play well and took full responsibility for the way they played.

"It's on us," Johnson said. "Never the coaches or anything like that. The technique that we were coached, we did not apply it. We were supposed to stay square. I know I would turn and open my hips and that would cause gaps and lanes. It's on us. We have to correct that technique."

Despite the struggles Fisher said on Saturday he never considered making any changes. He echoed that statement on Monday.

"If you start doing that, then you destroy everything," Fisher said. "You've gotto have confidence in these guys. You coached them, you put them in there, you've got to fix things. You've got to believe in kids, too. You've got to believe that everybody wants to pull a guy, do a guy, do something. I mean, that's just believe in the guy, coach the guy, let him go, and if he don't do it, then you replace him."

The offensive line will continue to get better as the season progresses, and, with as young as they are, this unit could be one of the best in the country before they're time is done. That will take time though, and the Seminole faithful will need to be patient. 

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