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The NoleDigest Staff Gives Their Take On The Top-10 Teams In College Football

The NoleDigest Staff gives their take on the Top-10 teams in the country after a crazy week 3 of college football.

Rank Power Ranking: Wayne
1 Ohio State Haven't looked great so far, but winning is winning. Can't penalize them when i had FSU No. 1 all last season. Still the most talented team in the country.
2 Ole Miss Winning in Tuscaloosa is impressive. Good Chad Kelly makes this a very dangerous team. That Land Shark defense is straight up nasty and they will have three players taken in the first 10 picks of the NFL draft.
3 Michigan State Passed their big test in the early season by beating Oregon at home. We will see just what they're made of when they go up against Ohio State later in the season.
4 Georgia It's really not fair for one team to stockpile that much talent at the running back position. Chubb, Marshall, Michel. That's just not fair. Jeremy Pruitt also has the UGA defense looking much improved this season.
5 Baylor We haven't really seen what the Bears are made of yet, and won't for a few more weeks. Their week non-confrence schedule makes them a bit of a wild card, but the Big 12 doesn't look particularly strong right now.
6 LSU The Leonard Fournette show is underway and that might be all they need to win the SEC west the the amount of talent they have on the defensive side of the football.
7 UCLA It was a rough outing for freshman QB Josh Rosen, but they still pulled out the win against a very good BYU team. They have the inside track on the Pac 12 South and will continue to get better as the season goes on.
8 Notre Dame The Irish are made of glass everywhere but their jaw. Injuries are piling up, but they just keep on winning. Their defense is the real deal and will keep them in every game this season.
9 TCU TCU has struggled on both sides of the ball at different times this season, but they've played a decent schedule so far. They will need to get it together before they head into their matchup with Baylor.
10 Florida State The Florida State defense looks very good through the first two games and will keep the Noles in every game they play. Having one of the best running backs in the country in Dalvin Cook will really help the offense. Whether or not the Noles stay here will depend on if Everett Golson can improve each week.
Rank Power Ranking: Jason Rationale
1 Ohio State Looking an awful lot like the 2014 Florida State team so far. But still have an impressive win in Blacksburg before sleepwalking the last two weeks
2 Ole Miss @Bama is the best win anyone has so far, but they didn't look like the better team on that field to me for most of that game, which was decided by a lot of bounces that suggest that 2013 Auburn's contract with the Devil has been transferred to Oxford, MS.
3 Georgia If Greyson Lambert looks like that the rest of the year, this team likely winds up in the Playoff.
4 LSU Still a long way to go at QB, but tons of talent on the field and very physical. Oh, and their running back is pretty good.
5 Texas A&M I still think this team is going to contend in the SEC West
6 Alabama Yes, they have a home loss at this point, but this is a power poll and not a "most deserving" poll, and I still think they're better on an average day than the teams below them.
7 Florida State The Seminole defense has made strides but still hasn't played an offense with a pulse. FSU's offense's pulse has been irregular, but the talent is there. Three weeks until they play their first game against a team that could beat them. Will it be enough for Everett Golson and the young surrounding pieces to turn the corner?
8 Notre Dame One of the best defenses in the country and lots of speed on offense, but the loss of Zaire keeps them from being higher. Probably still a two-loss team thanks to a tough schedule.
9 Michigan State Still not impressed by Connor Cook, but they continue to score points and have an excellent defensive line.
10 UCLA Survived a bad game from the true freshman QB and still look like the class of the Pac 12 South.

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