Bye Comes At A Perfect Time For FSU Offense

The Florida State offense has struggled to find its rhythm over the past two games. The Seminoles will try to fix that during the early bye week.

The Florida State offense hasn't been pretty over the last two games against Boston College and South Florida. Quarterback Everett Golson is just 29-50 for 282 yards and 2 touchdowns during those games. Against South Florida running back Dalvin Cook was able to run away with the game, but he, along with the rest of the Flroida State running game, was held to just 98 yards rushing against Boston College.

A lot of the issues on the offense stem from youth. The Florida State offensive line currently starts four underclassmen, seven of the nine scholarship wide receivers are underclassmen, and the starting running back is an underclassmen. That is putting a lot of pressure on transfer quarterback Everett Golson to lead the Florida State offense despite only being in the system for two months. 

With all of that working against him head coach Jimbo Fisher believes that the Bye week has come at a perfect time for the Seminoles.

“Right now, I think it came at a perfect time," Fisher said. "Just because of where we’re at and what we’ve got to do. We’ve had some young guys play big that first game and then that second game had a little lapse, didn’t play well, and then that third game got to that grind and it’s understanding you’ve got to do what you got to do and it’s going to be a long grind after this. Sometimes, just stepping back from things and getting back into that fundamental piece. We’re not where we want to be, but we’re right where I thought we could be. A little disappointing in a couple of little things in some games, but our culture to play hard (and) playing together had been good and we’ve just got to get better.”

The team has been focusing on those little things through the first few days of practice this week, and are getting back to the fundamentals that they need to be playing with. 

“Fundamentals. A lot of basics. We’ll work on future opponents. Put days work in and introduce some schemes we’ve already had schemed up for them from the summer, so those guys – you have a hard time with one-week preparation you spend a couple of days on.  Introduce some things and when you go back to it, it will be a lot fresher and they’ll understand what we’re doing. A little bit of both of those things and we’ll also be getting ready for Wake Forest.”

The Florida State offense will continue to grow as the season goes along and they gain more experience. The early Bye week has allowed the team to take a step back and evaluate what hasn't been going properly, and to educate the younger players on what they need to be doing week in and week out. With the hardest part of the schedule looming from mid-October to early November, the Bye week coudn't have come at a better time. 

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