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Florida State's Rushing Offense Is On Pace For A Record Year.

Florida State's rushing offense is on pace to break the school's rushing record for a season.

The Florida State offense hasn't exactly been clicking on all cylinders so far this season, but the running game has carried them through. Star running back Dalvin Cook is second in the nation in rushing yards with 476. The team as a whole has rushed for 642 yards on 120 carries. That puts them on pace, through 14 games, for 3,043 yards rushing on 560 carries and 28 touchdowns. Through three games the Seminoles are rushing for 217.3 yards per game. 

That would break the current Florida State record for rushing yards in a season, which is currently 3,021 yards on 571 carries by the 1984 team led by Florida State Hall of Famer Greg Allen. The 1984 team would still hold the record for yards per game with 274. 

With the Seminoles struggling to throw the football it's not inconceivable that Jimbo Fisher decides to run the ball that many times this season. If they do so they will have a good chance of getting in the ball park of this record. It would take an extraordinary run for them to break it, but with a healthy Dalvin Cook, it is certainly possible. 

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