Jimbo Fisher Press Conference: Wake

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher's weekly press conference updates.

FSU Depth Chart for Wake: http://www.scout.com/college/florida-state/story/1592530-fsu-depth-chart...

Fisher praising the Wake defense. They were one of the best units in the ACC last year. Says they're very multiple in their blitzes.

Fisher says Wake plays well at home.

Fisher says Wake does a lot of the same things FSU does.

Fisher says Pender is still in the hospital. Could get out of the hospital today or tomorrow. He won't play vs. Wake.

Fisher says Featherston could play this weekend. Have to make sure he can sustain the practices.

Fisher says depth is playing a part in the pass rush, but they have more fast twitch guys on the outside. Says the team is doing much better on the early downs and forcing teams into passing situations.

Minshew and Mavety will get more practice time today. 

Jimbo says Vickers and Patrick will play more this weekend. Says they've been getting those guys comfortable.

Jimbo says Patrick is learning to play with pad level and is being more physical. 

Jimbo says he's been pleased with the OL. Not where they want to be. They're running the ball very well. Says it's going to be a good group. 

Jimbo says young players minds drift some times. Mentions that it's tough for guys to come in and have an impact because of that. 

Fisher says that Golson will play better as his knowledge improves. He praises his work ethic and mentality. 

Fisher said he's happy with where they are. They're protecting the football. 

Fisher says that the younger receivers need to practice better if they want to play. They need to be more consistent. 

Fisher says Maguire is still competing and had a great week of practice last week.

Fisher praising Devonta Freeman's performance for the Falcons yesterday. Said he has a great mentality and personality. 

Fisher says that Karlos is a size and speed guy. He will get better as his knowledge of the position increases.

Fisher says he brings recruiting up everyday. Says they make recruiting calls on Wednesday. Do something with recruiting every day, but more later in the week. 

Fisher wants an early signing period in August because it would take a lot of work off the assistants. 

Fisher wants the OL down field rule moved to one yard. Says it's either a run or a pass. Not fair to the defense. 

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