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Florida State Basketball Set Up For Success

With the high quality recruits that Florida State has brought in the Seminoles are set up for success this season.

Florida State head coach Leonard Hamilton is known as one of the best recruiters in college basketball, and that really showed with the players he brought in for the 2015 class. The Seminoles landed 5-star Dwayne Bacon (No. 19 overall), 4-star Malik Beasley (No. 56 overall), 4-star Terrance Mann, 3-star Jean Marc Christ Koumadje, and JUCO point guard Benji Bell. 

When you add in Xavier Rathan-Mayes (No. 42 overall in 2013) and Montay Brandon (No. 54 overall in 2012) this Florida State roster is stacked with talent for the first time in the Leonard Hamilton era. With a lot of that talent being very young just what should we expect from this Florida State team?

I asked Scout's director of basketball recruiting Evan Daniels how the skill sets of Bacon and Beasley would mesh with Rathan-Mayes.

"I think Bacon and Beasley compliment Rathan-Mayes well," Daniels said. "Bacon and Beasley are superior athletes, and Rathan-Mayes probably has the best ball skills of the three. They should mesh nicely and all three are accomplished scoring threats."

Bacon was one of the recruits with the most upside from the 2015 recruiting class. What exactly will he be bringing to the table for Florida State?

"Bacon has such a versatile scoring package and finds ways to put up points in so many ways," Daniels said. "He has good size and physical strength, which helps him play well through contact. He's a good driver and finisher at the rim, but also effective pulling up off the dribble and making tough shots. His long-range shot is inconsistent at this stage, but he can heat up in a hurry."

Before Rathan-Mayes, Florida State hadn't had a player that could score at will since Toney Douglas in 2009. Now Florida State has brought in two in the same class with Bacon and Beasley. Beasley is a fantastic athlete that knows how to get tot he rim.

"Malik Beasley is a two-guard and a very good one at that," Daniels said. "He's a much better athlete than people talked about in high school, but he's also just a very good all around scorer. He's quick, picks his spots to drive the ball, has potential as a defender and is a capable shot maker with his jump shot."

With those two and Rathan-Mayes the Seminoles have three players that can score in bunches. It may take some time for them to work out ball disrtibution, but once this team meshes well they could be extremely tough to beat. The Florida State season starts on November 15th, and one thing is certain. They will definitely be a lot of fun to watch this year with those three leading the charge.

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