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Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Miami Week Press Conference

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher press conference updates

Fisher says Miami is the reason you come to Florida State.

Says Cook's injury isn't that bad. He's day to day, but won't do anything for the next two days.

Fisher says the wind played a factor in the game, but they have to play through it.

Fisher says Golson took a step forward against Wake.

Fisher is clearly not happy with the penalties.

Fisher said Golson took a lot of steps forward against Wake. Said a few little things killed drives. Mentions the penalties. 

Jimbo says the OL did a very good job picking up blitzes on third down. Praised the backs and tight ends as well.

Thinks the OL took a big step forward.

Jimbo says he's very confident in Vickers and Patrick.

Says they will get Patrick in there more. 

Fisher says Featherston got stiff on the sideline and they didn't want to take the chance.

Fisher says the team knows the Miami rivalry. 

Jimbo confirms that Nate Andrews has a bone bruise. Terrance Smith's ankle is swollen.  Cook is day to day. All will be back this season.

Fisher praising the Miami offense. Say they do a lot of the things FSU does on offense.

Jimbo praising Dalvin Cook's former teammate Joe Yearby. Says he's gotten a lot bigger as well as being able to move well.

Jimbo praising Ro'Derrick Hoskins and Reggie Northrup.

Praised Derwins ability to be versatile. Took him from pass rushing and moved him back to safety after Andrews went out.

Jimbo says Jacques Patrick will play against Miami. Fisher says he's practiced well.

Jimbo talking about Miami's ability to get the ball down the field. It's a different style compared to what they've faced so far this season.

Fisher once again campaigning against linemen down field more than a yard. Says it makes so hard for the defense. 

Fisher says that Hoskins need to not get bored. Needs to keep doing what he's doing. 

Boredom is the downfall of good teams. Athletics is a game of repitition.

Jimbo says recruiting is extremely different now that communication technology has advanced. Kids are more available.

Jimbo says the freshmen recievers are making progress, but that some are close to earning playing time while some aren't.

Mentions that some receivers have missed time and that's really hindered them.

Jimbo talking about horse collars that aren't being called. Said they've contacted the head of ACC officials.

Jimbo says that he's pleased with the way Golson hasn't turned the ball over.

Jimbo says Hoefeld for the most part played well. Did a good job of communicating well.

Jimbo says you have to change the culture around the program. Not just the players. Have to change mindsets.

Jimbo says Pender is still in the hospital.

Jimbo says the fan support will be huge against Miami.

Jimbo says the 2010 Miami game changed the perception against Florida State that had occured in the 2000s.

Jimbo praising Devonta Freeman for his play. Says he misses seeing him every day.

Jimbo says there aren't enough hours in the day to out work Devonta.

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