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2010 Miami Game Changed Mindset At Florida State

Florida State went into the 2010 Miami game with a losing mindset. That changed by the end of the game.

Florida State was the most dominant team in the country over the fourteen year period from the late 1980s to the early 2000s. As they moved later in the decade the Seminoles reputation took a big hit and kept falling as they lost more and more games. From 2000-2004 Florida State lost six straight games to the Miami Hurricanes. Miami's reputation faltered as well and soon both teams were an after thought in the national picture. 

At the start of the new decade Florida State fired a legend and handed the reins over to offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher. Many were questioning whether or not the Seminoles would ever return to dominance.

In Jimbo Fisher's first year the Seminoles went down to Miami as underdogs. The Hurricanes were the No. 13 ranked team in the country, which was 10 spots ahead of the Seminoles. From the moment that game started to the end of the game it was complete dominance by the Seminoles. Florida State literally ran away with the game, amassing 298 yards on the ground, and won 45-17.

Coach Fisher believes that game was extremely important because of how Florida State had struggled in Miami in the past.

"I think it was huge because of the past," Fisher said. "Florida State had had so many tough games in Miami. So much tough time in Miami. I think it was significant because it woke people up to say,' Hey, Florida State does have a chance to be that program again. That was a big game. I remember that night. That was a big night for Florida State..." 

That win changed the perception of the Seminoles, and gave hope to the Florida State fanbase, something they hadn't had in years. 

"...It was significant because it was the first high ranked opponent on the road, Miami of all people," Fisher said. "When you struggle so much as a University in the past. To be able to go down there and do that, it gave people hope for the future. Once you get hope anything can happen."

Since that game Florida State has won 3 ACC Championships, 1 National Championship, and has a five game winning streak agaisnt the rival Hurricanes.  Fisher has done a great job of creating that winning mindset over the past few years, and that game could be considered the starting point for that. 

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