FSU Miami Week NoteBook: Nate Andrews And Mario Pender

Florida State got some good news on both Mario Pender and Nate Andrews.

Mario Pender Out Of The Hospital

Florida State running back Mario Pender suffered a collapsed lung on September 22nd, and was admitted to the hospital. Pender was supposed to get out of the hospital within a few days, but suffered a setback as his lung became infected. He underwent surgery for the infection and was forced to stay in the hospital.

Pender left the hospital earlier this week, and Fisher was excited to see him in the meeting room on Tuesday. 

“He’s out," Fisher said. "Yeah he’s back. He was sitting in my meeting room, I knew he got out he was sitting in there and I mean, boy yesterday, he was bright eyed. His personality, he’s down about 18 pounds, but he’ll pick that back up pretty quickly though I think. But yesterday he was moving around and talking and in great spirits and just had a good look in his eye. Very happy to see that.”

It's not clear when Pender will return, or if he will return this season, but Fisher seemed to think that he could make it back soon.

Nate Andrews Could Play Against Miami

Defensive back Nate Andrews suffered a bone bruise during the first quarter of the Wake Forest game, and during coach Fisher's call in show on Wednesday, Fisher told the audience that Andrews was out for the game. That changed on Thursday with Andrews fully participating in practice. 

"Yes, Nate will be available for this game," Fisher said. "He had a little pressure but the brace they put him in is taking a load off of it and he was running around and taking reps. I don’t know fi he’s going to start, I wouldn’t do that, btu he could be availbale for this game. Amazing. And, there’s another tough son of a gun. That sucker right there is tough as nails he likes to play, it’s important to him."

Having Andrews back will be a big help for a secondary that will be playing their first tough opponent in Miami. 

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