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Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher Louisville Week Press Conference

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Press conference set to begin at 1 PM.

Jimbo says he loves the way his team grew up against Miami. Said they did a lot of growing up.

Jimbo says the Defense got good pressure despite only having two sacks.

Jimbo thinks Trey Marshall leaving early hurt, but that it's next man up.

Jimbo says he likes the direction that the team has moved in. Says the team is playing well.

Jimbo was happy with his calls in the redzone. Says they need to execute better.

Jimbo talking about all the transfers Louisville has brought in.

Jimbo says Ermon Lane was the skill blocker of the week. Praising Bobo Wilson for his blocking as well.

Jimbo says that with the skill that Florida State has none of the receivers can take a play off.

Jimbo says he liked the tempo and momentum of the game. Notes that when they lost it the players went and got it back.

Jimbo says Golson needs to trust his eyes and, for the most part, did so on Saturday.

Jimbo says you've got to win the early downs. 

Jimbo said there was no way to scout Stacy Coley because he hadn't played. They moved him around.

Jimbo says losing Marshall really affected the the ways that other players were used. Specifically Derwin playing on the line.

Jimbo says that Marshall put his head down too much.

Jimbo says Dalvin was sore, but that he said he felt good. Will limit him in practice today.

Jimbo says that Cook's load for the Miami game was normal.

Jimbo says that Cook and Andrews playing through injuries shows leadership for the team.

Jimbo says that the passing game getting better was a combination of everyone improving. The OL, WRs, TE, QB, everyone.

Jimbo praising Kermit for his big time game. Was very pleased with his route running.

Jimbo says he didn't sleep much last night because of Lamar Jackson.

Jimbo says he's not going to commit to the pop passes because it's not consitent.

He's praising UL defensive lineman Sheldon Rankins. Says he allows the the rest of the defenders to make plays because he's focused.

Jimbo says they've had their celebration for Miami, and now they're on to Louisville.

Jimbo praising Demarcus Walker. Says he was the defensive player of the game for them.

Jimbo says that Dalvin Cook is up there among the guys with the most ability that he's ever coached. Says the intangables are what makes him great.

Jimbo talking about the difficulties of pressuring a running quarter back

Jimbo says that Josh Sweat is playing well. He's doing a lot of the little things.

Jimbo says they went empty backfield because the offensive line, receivers, and quarterback have all made strides.

Jimbo says Golson overthrew Tate. Said Tate was at the proper depth.

Jimbo says that this team still has a lot of room to grow.

Jimbo says that Golson isn't talking to the team is because Fisher wants him to eliminate the clutter. Thinks it's what best for the football team.

Jimbo says that when you watch film Louisville doesn't look like a 2-3 team.

Jimbo says Louisville has 6-9 players that could be drafted.

Jimbo says Mavety over reached a bit, but says he did a very good job. 

Jimbo says the team has constant drug education and tests. Jimbo tells the players don't put anything in your body that they haven't approved.

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