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Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Will USFlorida QB Will Grier's Suspension To Educate His Team

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher responds to a question about Florida Quarterback Will Grier.

Early Monday afternoon Florida announced the suspension of quarterback Will Grier for failing an NCAA drug test for performance enhancing drugs. Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher was asked about it during his press conference, and talked about what Florida State does to prevent this type of situation.

"It's a constant," Fisher said. "I mean, we have constant drug education. We test our guys. Every week, certain guys get tested. The NCAA does tests. We know that. It's a constant education. Go in the GNC store, we talk about don't take one thing and put in your body that you haven't told us, shown us. Listen, we got all the supplements. We got the things that are legal. Trust us. Nobody out there is going to have your best interest at heart and know what's right and wrong. I mean, I don't know. That's a tragedy, and I'm very sorry for them and him. I hate that. It's sad to hear."

Fisher will use this situation to continue to educate his team on the dangers of taking anything not approved by the University.

"I may, yeah," Fisher said. "When things like that happen, you hate to use examples of, hey, this -- look, please, and it may have been something simple and crazy. You hear about it all the time in pro sports. Everybody says, well, they knew. Sometimes you don't because what they put in the products in these stores a lot of times, you don't know what's in them. I'm not making excuses. I don't know the situation or anything. But just don't do any of it. Don't do any of it."

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