Florida State Basketball Jam With Ham Updates

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Michael Ojo is on crutches. Has a very large knee brace on his left knee.

Jean-Christ Koumadje is in a boot on his right foot.

First Round: 3-point

Malik Beasley hits 8 threes

Jarquez Smith hits 6.

Benji Bell hit 3.

Michael Saxton hit 7. 

Bojo hits 6.

Robbie Berwick hits 2.

Devin Bookert hits 10.

XRM hit 7.

Second Round: 3-point

Malik Beasley hits 10.

Devin Bookert hit 11.

XRM hit 7.

Final Round: 3-point

Devin Booker hits 14 to win

Beasley hits 7.


Beasley starts it off with a three of the screen.

Terrance Mann has been effective inside. Two big jams for him.

Cofer has a couple of dunks as well.

Jarquez missed a windmill dunk. 

Beasley two for two on threes, and Bacon follows it up with a drive to the basket and an easy layup. 


Terrance Mann just posterized Benji Bell.

And Bacon with the windmill dunk.

Dunk Contest:

Michael Snaer is one of the judges.

Phil Cofer with the VIOLENT dunk. Off the side of the backboard.

Malik Beasley tries a dunk with a toss from out of the stands. Couldn't connect.

Devin Booker tosses it off the backboard and wind mills it. Perfect score

Beasley tries twice to dunk from the free throw line. just misses.

Dwayne Bacon drops a 49 in the second round.

Dwayne Bacon wins the dunk contest.

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