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Answering The Five Questions From The Florida State-Louisville Game

Earlier in the week I had five questions for the Florida State-Louisville game. What were their answers?

1. Will Florida State be able to run on the Louisville D?

That question was definitely answered in the affirmative. Dalvin Cook ran for 163 yards with 2 touchdowns and averaged 7.4 yards per rush. Florida State had 0 yards rushing in the first half, and Cook had only carried the ball 7 times for 28 yards. This is probably the best front seven Florida State will play until Florida, and having this type of performance is a big testament to how good of a running team they are. 

2. What does Petrino throw at FSU out of a bye?

Not much. There were no trick plays by the Louisville offense or on special teams. Petrino called a good game, but it lacked the excitement that I was expecting from the offensive genius. 

3. How does FSU contain Jackson?

19 carries for 32 yards and no rushing touchdowns. Florida State forced Jackson to beat them with his arm, and, while he made some very good throws, he turned the ball over twice on consecutive drives that really sealed the game. The Florida State defensive line was dominant and did a great job of keeping him in the pocket while collapsing it.

4. Will Everett Golson continue his upward trend?

Golson had taken steps forward in the Wake Forest and Miami game, but he took a MASSIVE step forward against Louisville. His stats were great, 26-38 for 372 yards and 3 touchdowns, but his decision making was the real story of the game. He made very few bad decisions and prevented multiple sacks by getting rid of the football on time. He has now gone six straight games without a turnover after having 22 last season.

5. Does FSU come out flat?

A little bit. A lot of the struggles by Florida State were due to horrible field position in the first half, four of their first five possessions started inside their 15, and the stout Louisville defense. Florida State came out in the second half and dominated, but the first half was a little sleepy for the Seminoles. 

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