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The NoleDigest Staff Give Their Top-10 and Playoff Projections

Who does the NoleDigest staff think are the Top-10 teams in the country?

Rank Power Ranking: Wayne
1 Ohio State Haven't looked great so far, but winning is winning. Can't penalize them when i had FSU No. 1 all last season. Still the most talented team in the country.
2 Baylor They haven't played anyone yet, but are blowing out opponents like they should be.
3 LSU Leonard Fournette, like Dalvin Cook, is as good as you need him to be. LSU has looked very good so far this season, and after a win against Florida they are on a collision course with Alabama for the SEC West crown.
4 Clemson Clemson continues to be extremely impressive. Definitely the favorite to win the ACC this season, but can Dabo get over the Jimbo Fisher hump?
5 Utah Utah continues to be the class of the Pac-12 that has really fallen apart over the last couple weeks. They're on a collision course with Stanford for the Pac 12 championship. The winner could end up in the playoff.
6 Michigan State I have no idea what I saw last night at the end of the Michigan-Michigan State game, but one thing is certain, the football gods love Mark Dantonio.
7 Alabama A freaky home loss to a team that has been blown out by Florida and Memphis in recent weeks is head scratching, but Alabama is picking up steam again. I was never sold on Texas A&M, and I'm going to wait and see on Alabama until they play LSU.
8 Florida State Florida State is starting to put it together on offense, and that's not good for the rest of the ACC. The Florida State defense has been very good so far this season, and will likely get a couple starters in the back-7 back by Clemson.
9 TCU They've really struggled at times this season, but they continue to win. This conference will come down to the winner of TCU-Baylor.
10 Stanford How did this team lose to Northwestern? They are crushing quality oppenents right now and are the class of the Pac-12 North.
Rank Power Ranking: Jason Rationale
1 Ohio State 2014 Florida State, Part II. But it's really tough to stay on top, and as long as they keep winning, they'll stay here.
2 Alabama Yes, they have a home loss at this point, but this is a power poll and not a "most deserving" poll, and I still think they're better on an average day than the teams below them.
3 Clemson Have been much better on defense than I expected so far this year but has not met expectations on offense so far. Most complete team in ACC to date.
4 LSU Physical team. Threw with some success against the best secondary in the country and have tons of talent. Oh, and their running back is pretty good.
5 Baylor Still think their defense is too vulnerable for them to stay here, but starting to look a little better than they did early in the year.
6 Utah Three quality wins against Michigan, @Oregon, Cal. Think they ultimately run out of gas and drop two or three.
7 TCU Still not sold on the Horned Frogs, especially with all the injuries, but they keep winning. Having a quality QB has its advantages.
8 Florida State If Golson and the offense keep progressing, this team could wind up in the Playoff, but the Seminole defense needs to get healthy and find solutions against quality slot recievers.
9 Stanford Have been dominant since inexplicable opening loss against N'western.
10t Notre Dame Quality football team on both sides of the ball, despite injuries.
Projected Playoff: Wayne Rationale (Same four)
1 Baylor 12-0 I think Baylor is the best team in the country right now. They are crushing everyone on their schedule, and I see that continuing. TCU hasn't played well enough for me to feel comfortable picking against the potent Baylor offense. That's the only team I think can beat Baylor in the Big 12.
2 Michigan State 13-0 I think MSU can and will beat Ohio State after what we've seen from the Buckeyes this season. Florida State had played a much tougher schedule last season that OSU has in 2015, and had proven they could turn it on. I don't know if the Buckeye's can do the same against a good opponent.
3 Alabama 12-1 Alabama is starting to pick up steam and that is a very bad sign for the rest of the SEC.
4 Clemson/FSU Winner 13-0 As per the usual the ACC will come down to who wins the FSU-Clemson game. This year that could have big implications on the playoff with both teams having the ability to get through the rest of the schedule unscathed.
Projected Playoff: Jason Rationale
1 Ohio State Tests against MSU and Michigan remain, but they can't keep playing down to level of competition, either.
2 Clemson/FSU Winner This is looking like a potential Playoff elimination game. I would favor Clemson if that game were played today, but that may not be true by November given FSU's rate of improvement.
3 Alabama My big question was whether they could get past TAMU. Now that they have, I expect them to make it here.
4 Big 12 Champ Looks like the Pac 12 is going to self-cannibalize. This spot is a wild card, as the Big 12 Champ is also likely to have two losses.

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