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Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Georgia Tech Press Conference

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher talks about Louisville, Georgia Tech, and more

Press conference expected to start at 1 PM.

Jimbo says this will be a very tough game. They're better than their record shows. FSU will have to make the most of limited possessions.

Jimbo says GT blocks cleanly, but you have to be prepared.

Jimbo says Marcus Lewis and Tarvarus McFadden have gotten healthy and will come along. Marcus Lewis has the ability to play star. Tyler Hunter and Javien Elliot will be in the rotation at Star. Jalen Ramsey can move back there.

Jimbo says Derwin James is playing fast. Still making mistakes, but he's overcoming them. Says he's emerging to be the football player they thought he could be.

Jimbo praising Elliot. Says he's a guy that has worked his tail off.

Jimbo says you play well. You play. You practice well. You play. It's that simple.

Jimbo says it's more important for a receiver to be fast without the ball than with it. Then comes the route running.

Jimbo praising Kermit Whitfield. Says you have to slow down tackling a small guy. Have to get low. 

Jimbo says Whitfield is short, but he's not little.

Jimbo says that they do cut drills all the time. Says GT will do it better than they can practice it, but they will be prepared.

Jimbo says Cook's hamstring is getting stronger and stronger.

Jimbo says he trusts Cook when he says he's healthy.

Jimbo says Cook broke 23 MPH during the summer. Says he's a competitor. Broke 21-22 in practice.

Jimbo says they didn't do well on 3rd downs because of silly things. Alignments, assignments, stuff like that.

Jimbo says Terrance Smith is day to day. Says he looks good.

Jimbo says he doesn't know how good this team can be. All the things are in place. 

Jimbo says the front-7 are playing with more discipline and leverage agaisnt running quarterbacks.

Jimbo says Nile Lawrence-Stample is playing like a 5th year senior. Says the injury really put it in perspective for him.

Jimbo says he feels comfortable with the freshman. They could have played, but weren't needed.

Jimbo says Lewis is natural to the star. McFadden can if needed.

Jimbo says he's very pleased with where this team is. Need to keep evolving.

Jimbo says he doesn't care about the polls. He controls what he can control.

Jimbo praising Everett Golson's ability. Said he left plays on the field, but has been pleased with his progress.

Jimbo praising the wide receivers and tight ends. Says Izzo played his tail off.

Jimbo says there are so many factors that go into success.

Jimbo says again that he only controls what he can control.

Jimbo says the consistency and tradition has FSU deserving of being ranked high.

Jimbo is clearly angry about the missed horse collars that haven't been called against FSU this season. Says they're devastating injuries.

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