Redzone Woes Continue To Haunt Florida State

Florida State's continuing redzone issues cost them against Georgia Tech.

The Florida State offense had struggled to find the endzone while in the redzone for most of the season. That issue happened again against Georgia Tech, and the Seminoles were unable to the overcome them for the first time this year. The Seminoles scored just one touchdown in the redzone, on a drive that started on the 2-yard line after an interception return, on four redzone attempts Saturday.

That brings the touchdown total to 12 on 25 redzone attempts this season. That is a potential 61 points that the Florida State offense has left on the board this season. If you remove the game against Texas State, the Seminoles have scored touchdowns on just 7 of their 19 redzone attempts.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher was not happy with his team's lack of production in the redzone against Georgia Tech.

"We can’t go out there and fool around," Fisher said. "We get in the red zone, we’ve got to score touchdowns. We did not do it.”

The Florida State offense has ran 76 offensive plays inside the redzone since the Texas State game. Nearly half, 35, have been negative plays. The Seminoles have had 11 runs for no gain or negative yards, 5 penalties, 16 incomplete passes, 2 sacks, and 1 interception. The Seminoles have lacked the execution and discipline needed to succeed in the redzone.

There have been drops, offensive line miscues, and bad passes that have all affected the outcomes of drives, and that lack of execution at critical times is unacceptable according to running back Dalvin Cook.

"We just got to execute the plays that are called by coach Fisher and coach Sanders," Cook said. "It's just us. We got to execute. We got to take advantage of the plays that they are calling. It will be no different from the middle of the field than the red zone. We just have to execute the play."

Florida State had multiple chances to put the game away against the Yellow Jackets, and came up short in the redzone. They will need to clean up those execution issues if they want to have a chance to finish the year with their fourth straight ACC championship, or their fourth straight 10 win season. 

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