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Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher Press Conference: Syracuse

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher press conference for Syracuse week.

Press conference expected to start at 1 PM.

Jimbo says the team had execution at times, but not consistently.

Says the team played hard and competed.

Jimbo says Syracuse is playing well on defense. Had a tough stretch.

Jimbo says Golson graded out well, but there were some plays that he wishes he had back.

Jimbo asked about Rudolph. Said he used poor technique on the first red zone attempt.

Jimbo says they knew what happened during the game.

Jimbo says the team has to prepare better. 

Jimbo says the offensive line wanted to do well so badly that they didn't let them happen.

Jimbo says it's not about winning and losing. It's about the process. When the process is good the results will come.

Jimbo says that the red zone issues are all about execution. Says they have to coach them to execute better.

Jimbo says if the bigger receivers were ready they would play. Says they tried with Auden Tate, but he has a broken toe.

Jimbo says they practice the blocked kick coverage.

Jimbo says Aguayo's kick was low.

Jimbo says Terrance Smith could be ready for this game. Trainers think that he could be back.

Tyler Hunter is being evaluated. Kareem Are should be back today or tomorrow.

Jimbo praises Josh Sweat. Said he made some mistakes early, but really came on. You saw the athleticism on the the interception.

Fisher said that Golson took a few shots, and made some good throws.

Jimbo says that if the offensive linemen weren't good enough they wouldn't be playing.

Jimbo says no one feels worse about committing a penalty than the player that committed it.

Jimbo says he hates it for Al. Said this game is becoming a lot more like pro football everyday.

Jimbo thought that the FSU defense played extremely well against Georgia Tech. Says they're developing the young guys, playing the run well, and pass rushing well.

Jimbo says that GT broke out some plays that they haven't done since 2012.

That's all for Jimbo.

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