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Jimbo Fisher Says The Florida State Offensive Line Needs To Stop Worrying About The Results

The Florida State offensive line has struggled this season and coach Fisher has a message for them.

The Florida State offensive line replaced four starters from last season, and have really struggled to settle in. There have been numerous false start, illegal formation, and holding penalties called against the unit as well as all the pressures and sacks they have allowed.

The offensive line again struggled against Georgia Tech, and Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher thinks they are trying too hard. 

"I think that's just guys trying too hard, caring too much," Fisher said. "And I know that sounds crazy. It's not. They want to do so well and show you. It's like you ever see when your kids come home and they figure something out that you've been on them for so long. Dad, I want to show you. No, wait a minute, I've got something else to do. No, dad, I want to show you right now. In a weird way they want to show you that they're doing things the right way, and that's part of it. Got to grow, and hopefully we'll get past that."

Coach Fisher believes that they're thinking about too many things, and that they need to not worry about the results.

"Not worry about the results," Fisher said. "Just talk to them, don't press them. Teach them, educate them, and tell them what it's like. They're all good enough or they wouldn't be here. They're all great players and they need to worry about playing great and dominating somebody and not worrying about the results. These young guys care so much sometimes, they care about the wrong things as far as winning.

When you say you don't care about winning, how you take care of winning is not worrying about winning," Fisher said. "Just doing your job, relaxing, doing your assignment and technique. Not complicate the game. We can complicate everything. You know what I'm saying? I always talk about a free mind. Being able to think of one, two, three things. If you have one, boom. Then react and play. We've got to make sure we're doing that."

Offensive line coach Rick Trickett is one of the most well respected offensive line coaches in the country. It's not a question of whether this unit will get better. It will. Trickett will get the unit on the right track. The real question is how long it is going to take.

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