Updating the Status of the Four Freshmen Wide Receivers At Florida State

Updating the status of the four freshmen wide receivers at FSU.

Florida State brought in four highly rated wide receivers in the 2015 recruiting class. Seven games into the season none of them had seen significant playing time, and Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher was asked about their lack of playing time.

"One had a broken toe," Fisher said. "Another had his finger split open and had six stitches in it. It's now healed up and he's catching the ball now. That's George [Campbell]. He's doing good. And Noonie [Nyquan Murray]... just got over a broken hand. He had surgery. It's taken about three weeks to get the strength back in his hand. He's had it off for about three weeks. They're about ready to make plays. One had stitches in his finger, one had a broken hand, and the other has a broken toe. It's hard to judge a guy when they're banged up like that."

Now that two of them are back practicing Fisher has liked what he's seen, especially from Nyquan Murray.

"Noonie had a really good day today," Fisher said. "George caught some nice balls today. Auden can't practice. Da'Vante's made a few plays."

The wide receiver unit has struggled for the Seminoles this season, and getting any of those guys out there could be a big help.

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