Sean Maguire's Performance has Florida State's Jimbo Fisher Reevaluating The QB Position

Sean Maguire's performance against Syracuse has given Jimbo Fisher something to think about.

Being passed over as the starting quarterback can't be easy, but Florida State quarterback Sean Maguire has handled it about as well as he could have. The guy that replaced him, Notre Dame transfer Everett Golson, has been up and down this season, and Maguire continued to prepare just in case he was called upon.

"It's always tough as that guy," Maguire said. "It's the hardest position because you still have to prepare like you're starting. You never know. You could go in on the second play of the game. It was tough, but you've got to do what you've got to do."

When Everett Golson was ruled out with a concussion, Maguire stepped up to the plate. He started off the Syracuse game red hot, and his down field throws gave the Seminoles the spark that they had been lacking. Maguire finished the game 23-35 for 348 yards and 3 touchdowns. He did a very good job of avoiding the pass rush and delivering strikes to his targets. 

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher was very complimentary of Maguire's performance.

"The thing that I was happiest about was the game management, the poise, making sure everybody was on the same page," Fisher said. "Taking care of the football and staying aggressive at the same time. Staying aggresive smart in how he played the position."

Despite that praise, Fisher wouldn't come out and name a starter for the Clemson game. Part of that is he's not sure whether Golson will be healthy enough to play.

"I'm always reevaluating things," Fisher said. "I told you, we had two good quarterbacks. I said it before. We have two guys that can play and win games. Everett's [Golson] health, we've still got to get that and see where things are. We'll go from there."

The other part is probably a little gamesmanship by Fisher. Golson and Maguire are two very different quarterbacks, and forcing Clemson to prepare for both can only help the Florida State offense. Sophomore wide receiver Travis Rudolph said the receivers are just as comfortable with Maguire, who they worked with during the spring, and Everett Golson, who has started seven of the games this season.

"No," Rudolph said. "We didn't miss a beat. Sean [Maguire] knows the offense and he knows how we run our routes. We've got the timing down because we go up with Sean in practice as well as Everett."

Fisher will have a very tough decision to make this week and Maguire's happy that he was able cause that problem for his head coach.

"It's coach Fisher's problem," Maguire said. "I can only cause that problem I guess."

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