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Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Press Conference: Clemson

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher talks Syracuse win and Clemson game.

Jimbo praises the way his team played against Syracuse.

He's praising the way Clemson plays. Says they're one of the best teams in the country.

Jimbo says that the FSU-Clemson game isn't defining any more than any other game.

Jimbo said Sean Maguire graded out very well. Made good decisions and bounced back from the times he missed very well.

Jimbo says he won't make a decision on the QBs until he knows about Everett's health.

He wouldn't rule out playing both. "Whatever it takes to win."

Jimbo says he doesn't know if Cook will play.

Jimbo praises Derwin James. Said he's very intelligent.

Jimbo says Patrick played very well. Improved as the game went on. He caught the ball well and picked up blitzes well.

Jimbo says Clemson is executing well. Says they're playing with much more confidence.

Lots of praise for Deshaun Watson. Says he's improved quite a bit from last year.

Mario Pender will practice, but he won't take any contact this week.

Terrance Smith will be evaluated on how well he can move laterally.

Jimbo says that Everett Golson checks out of a bunch of plays.

Says having a big back in the redzone definitely helps.

Jimbo talking about FSU's punt return issues. Says it's because kickers and punters are better now than they were.

Jimbo says Death Valley is a tough place to play.

"The toughest place to play is the place with the real good player."

Jimbo says Jacques Patrick will get reps going forward even if Dalvin Cook is healthy.

Jimbo says Watson is a very good player.

Jimbo says that clemson has big guys up front. They have 24 sacks on the season. They cause chaos. They blitz and give a bunch of different looks.

Jimbo says that this game is great for the ACC. It becomes a prime time national game instead of a conference game. Says the Clemson-Florida State rivalry has been one of the best.

Jimbo says that he wishes the officials made all the right calls, but they don't miss them on purpose when asked about the Miami return.

Jimbo says that he doesn't want the conference to be able to overturn a result due to a controversial call. Why change those plays when there are other plays that need to be looked at. Can't look at just one play.

Jimbo says that he sends in missed calls to the head of officials and they do a very good job.

Jimbo asked about the offense struggles on the road. Said it could be issues with communication and confidence.

Jimbo says you have to maximize every yard against an opponent as good as Clemson.

Jimbo says that 3 of the last 4 games the offense has had over 500 yards.

Jimbo said Eberle played very well. He had some struggles but overall played very well.

Jimbo says they look at everybody. "There's no team that can't be beaten, and no team that can't win."

Jimbo says Death Valley is a great environment.

Jimbo said he's happy and sad that Beamer is retiring. He's  sad because of what he's meant to college football. He's happy that Beamer is able to go and enjoy the time that he has with his family. Says that sometimes you miss out on life as a football coach.

Jimbo says the team has been hit by injuries all year. Says they have had 18-22 starters go out all year. 

Jimbo says that recruits shouldn't worry about the depth charts because if you're part of the 85 and you're good, you're going to play. 

Jimbo says they've played 28 freshmen this season.

Jimbo praising Javien Elliot. Said that he wasn't the only guy they had left. Said he's earned his scholarship.

Jimbo asked about winning and consistency in college football. It's hard to win. There's not always a better option out there.

Jimbo says the college football world is such a quick change world, but that sometimes they need to slow down.

Jimbo praising the Pittsburgh Steeler organization for being patient with their coaches.

Fisher notes how FSU has played Clemson with a backup QB 3 of the last 5 years.

Jimbo asked about replacing a legend. Says it's much harder now because of social media.

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