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Florida State Preparing For Hostile Clemson Environment

Florida State will be heading to the most hostile environment in the ACC on Saturday. How are they preparing?

This week Florida State heads up to South Carolina to take on ACC Atlantic rival Clemson in a game that will likely decide who represents the Atlantic in the ACC Championship. The Seminoles will not only be competing with one of the best teams in the country, but they will also be dealing with a hostile Death Valley atmosphere. 

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher believes it's one of the best atmospheres in all of college football.

"It ranks right in there," Fisher said. "You get eight, 10, 12 places across the country they say are the greatest. Man, when it gets so loud, what else you want? You know what I mean? The environment, hostility. But it's a great environment to play a college football game. It's one of the best, it really is."

Florida State has been piping in crowd noise during practice this week to try and simulate the crowd noise that the Seminoles will be facing.

“I think it’s big-time, we should probably practice like that more," Fisher said. "It increases focus, makes you lock in and focus more in practice because of it. It really helped us today. You can never emulate in the game, because you have pressure and all that stuff. But you get noise and the communication process is really what you’re trying to lock in.”

Redshirt senior Lamarcus Brutus will be making his third trip up to Clemson, and says that the key to blocking out the atmosphere is to keep in control of your emotions.

"This is an atmosphere that some of the new guys have never played in front of," Brutus said. "Yeah, we have 80,000 here, but those 80,000 are cheering for us. These 80,000 are cheering for the other team. They’ve got orange everywhere, they’ve got the rock, people sitting on the hill and stuff like that. It’s going to be crazy, but you just have to be able to control your emotions. It’s going to be a new experience for them."

The last time Florida State traveled to Clemson the crowd had very little affect at all. The Seminoles jumped on Clemson, and never let up the entire game. That's something that Florida State will look to replicate this time.

"It was a crazy environment," defensive back Jalen Ramsey said. "It was very fun. We jumped on them quick. Did what we were supposed to do. Did our jobs quickly. We got the crowd settled down. We handled business. That’s what we hope to accomplish again."

We will see if the Seminoles can accomplish that feat a second time. 

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