Clemson's Offense Is Built On Big Plays

The Clemson offense is one of the best big play teams in the nation. Can Florida State limit those?

Florida State has the tough task of trying to shut down Clemson's high powered offense on Saturday if they want to come out with a victory. The Tigers have run 27 plays this season that have gained 30-yards or more, which ranks 9th in the country. 

Clemson has been extremely efficient at turning those big plays into touchdowns. Against Power-5 opponents (including Notre Dame), Clemson is averaging 24-yards per touchdown. They average 29-yards per passing touchdown and 18.3-yards per rushing touchdown. 

Over the last 6 games the Clemson offense has scored 28 touchdowns. 18 have come from 10-yards or longer. They're able to break so many big plays because they're very good at so many things according to Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher.

"Speed, tempo, eye violations, misdirection, and then pure talent," Fisher said. "And they’re physical. They run that ball downhill and that back is a really really physical runner. Then you gotta play the quarterback on the edge, you gotta play the deep ball, they make you play all areas of the field and all dimensions shapes and sizes.”

The Florida State defense has been good at preventing big plays this season. They're 12th in the country in plays allowed of 30-yards or more with just 10 allowed, and they've allowed just four touchdowns of over 20-yards all season.

Florida State defensive back Marquez White knows that Clemson has a very good offense, but believes that the Seminoles defense can play with them.

"You’ve got to cover your man," White said. "It’s really just about dominating the man in front of you. It’s a mentality I feel like. They do what they do. Like I said, they’re a really good team. The offense is very explosive. They’re putting up points all over the board. But I feel like if we come to play like we know we can play then it will be a really good game."

We'll find out if that's the case on Saturday. 

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