Florida State Getting Healthy For Clemson

Florida State got some good news on a number of their top players as they prepare for Clemson.

Florida State has been absolutely decimated by injuries so far this season with 30 players missing at least one game. The Seminoles got some good news on Thursday as a number of starters were cleared to return. Quarterback Everett Golson, running back Dalvin Cook, linebacker Terrance Smith, and running back Mario Pender were all cleared to play against Clemson. 

Defensive tackle Nile Lawrence-Stample has practiced some the last two days, and will undergo another concussion test Thursday night or Friday to see if he will be cleared to play against Clemson.

The following players are out for the game:

DE Lorenzo Featherston (knee)

OG Cole Minshew (Concussion)

DB Marcus Lewis (Concussion)

OT Derrick Kelly (Knee)

Those players are out on top of these players who are out for the season:

DB Trey Marshall (Bicep)

LB Tyrell Lyons (Knee)

DB Ryan Green (Shoulder)

TE Jalen Wilkerson (Shoulder)

OT Abdul Bello (Knee)

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