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Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Press Conference: NC State Week

Get all the updates from Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher's weekly press conference.

Jimbo again says he's proud of the way the team played. Thinks the young players grew a lot.

Jimbo said it was a battle between two very good teams. 

Jimbo praising NC State. Says they will make you forget about Clemson.

Jimbo says Sean missed 3 or 4 plays, but there were 3 to 4 plays that the team let him down. He wasn't bad or good. He was solid.

Jimbo says the delays of game were on Eberle trying to over call things. Has to snap the ball when the QB calls for it.

Jimbo says the DL got out of their gaps on a couple plays late in the game. 

Jimbo says the offense moved the ball. Have to get better on third down. 

Defense played very well. They played hard. Says they played the true passing game very well.

Jimbo says that Cook came out as healthy as he has since the injury.

Jimbo asked about the 4th down play. Says they were pinching in on the defensive tackles. They had blocks that Clemson got off of that changed the play.

Jimbo says that they've had chances to win both games they've played. It's tough to go on runs like this. Says it was tough last year.

"You have to truly understand the price you must pay to go on one of those runs."

Jimbo: Defensively i think we're doing a really nice job. The offense is moving the ball, but we're not scoring as many points because we're not where we want to be in the redzone and on third down.

Jimbo says he doesn't take a lot of pride in moral victories. Said he was proud of the way his team laid it on the line. Had great intent.

Jimbo says it's about class and character now. Says the ultimate goal is to win a national championship and the ACC. Says you can still have a great season by winning 11 or 12 games.

Jimbo says he will evaluate the QBs. Said he believes in Sean and he still believes in Golson.

Jimbo says he's not going to sellout for next season. They're focused on winning the final 3 games. Won't play freshmen just because. If they'll help they'll play.

Jimbo says Terrance Smith played well. Played a good, solid football game.

Jimbo says Hoskins bruised his butt. He bounced.

Fisher says Pender may play. Could still take a medical redshirt.

Fisher says Brissett is a great play. Can make all the throws, can run, and is strong. Says he plays very well with guys hanging all over him. The play is never over with him.

Fisher says they loved Brissett. That's why they recruited him. Ended up taking Coker. Says both are doing pretty well.

Jimbo says he says that Featherston could be back soon. Not timetable.

Jimbo said that James played well last week. Not as well as he had in the last few games, but still played well. Said he hoped he would make this impact.

Jimbo says there was no starry-eyedness for Maguire. The team has tons of confidence in him. The moment did not bother him. There was a good team on the other side. He was in full control.

Jimbo says the team responds to Golson too.

Jimbo says there's a fine line between teaching and scolding his players. 

Jimbo says all but one of Maguire's deep balls were the right decision.

Jimbo says that the hit on Harrison was targeting.

Fisher says the defense and coaches are doing everything they can to work on the OLs penalties issues.

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