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Jimbo Fisher Holding Off Naming Florida State's Starting QB For NC State

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher is not ready to name a starter for the NC State game.

Just like last week, Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher is not ready to name his starting quarterback. Fisher did not name a starter leading up to the Clemson game, and could possibly do the same this week.

Everett Golson started the first seven games for the Seminoles, but after he suffered a concussion against Georgia Tech, Sean Maguire got the start against Syracuse. Golson was cleared to play against Clemson, but Fisher decided to start Maguire against the Tigers. Maguire didn't play well against Clemson going 16-29 for 165 yards and 1 interception. 

At his press conference on Monday, Jimbo Fisher says he will evaluate this week and make the best choice for the team to be successful.

"We'll evaluate what we do like we do every week in practice, and whatever our game plan is is which way we'll go with it," Fisher said. "I feel comfortable with Sean, and I feel comfortable with Everett. We'll wait and see how we're going to plan and look at what we have to do in this game to be successful going forward."

It wasn't all bad for Maguire against Clemson. He did make a good impression on coach Fisher in one area.

"What I loved about what Sean did in that game, there was no starry-eyedness," Fisher said. "When he made a mistake, he knew he made a mistake, what he should have done. The communication, the demeanor. The way he called the game. The team has a ton of confidence. They love him and the way he does things.

I was so proud of him. He did it at home, you know what I'm saying? But the moment didn't, I can tell that did not bother him. Just that it was a good team on the other side, and they played pretty good at times. But the moment itself did not. He was full control of everything, talking, communicating, very into the game and what to do, ideas, you know what I mean? From that regard."

Fisher didn't single out Maguire though. Hesays the team responds just as well to Golson as Maguire.

"They do to Everett too," Fisher said. "Both guys are genuine. People respond to people who are genuine and people care about what they're trying to care about, you know what I'm saying? And those guys exhibit it every day in how they practice and the way they do things in the organization."

Fisher will make the choice that he believes will give his team the best chance of winning, but as for when that choice will be made, only he knows.

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