Florida State defensive tackle Demarcus Christmas Quietly Making an Impact

Florida State defensive tackle Demarcus Christmas has made a big impact without making a lot of noise.

Florida State defensive tackle Demarcus Christmas had very high expectations when he came into Florida State. He was ranked as the No. 113 prospect overall in the 2014 class.

Christmas redshirted his first season on campus, and has started just one game for the Seminoles this season. That doesn't mean that he's not made an impact though. Christmas has been a very important player in the Florida State defense, rotating in with Nile Lawrence-Stample. 

Christmas believes that he needed that redshirt freshman year to help him play at the high level he has this season. 

"I pretty much needed that full year," Christmas said. "I believe I needed that full year. I don’t believe I was prepared with the plays. Now I’m really prepared with the plays."

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher has seen him grow up this season. 

"I think he’s growing up and maturing," Fisher said. "He’s getting more consistent. He’s going to be a really good player. No doubt. He can run. He’s athletic. Cares. The game means something to him."

Christmas came in with fellow defensive tackle Derrick Nnadi, and the two have been linked since. Nnadi made an impact as a freshman, but he's been encouraging Christmas since the start.

"...Nnadi has been by my side ever since day one," Christmas said. "Since we got here. [We've] been roommates."

Nnadi has also seen a big change in Christmas from last year to this year.

"I feel like he stepped up to the plate," Nnadi said. "From what I see he's working hard non-stop. He's always working. He's always paying attention to what we're doing. He's paying attention to the schemes. From last year to this year I feel like there's a great change with him."

Christmas has 16 tackles and 2 pass break ups on the season, but as his playing time increases so will his production. Until then, he'll still make an impact. He'll just continue to do it quietly. 

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