Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Not Happy With Short Yardage Struggles

Florida State has struggled in short yardage the past two games, and Jimbo Fisher isn't happy about it.

Florida State has struggled recently in short yardage situations. Not being able to get one yard late in the fourth quarter against Clemson cost the Seminoles a chance at win. They had two opportunities to get it, but just didn't execute properly.

Fast forward to this week against NC State and Florida State needs one yard to extend a drive and put the game away. They didn't get it forcing a fourth and one on the 50 yard line. The Seminoles tried to draw NC State offside before calling timeout.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher made the decision to go for it on fourth down. 

"He didn't make that far, we shouldn't have won the game at the end of the day," Fisher said. "I'm tired of setting, and we still ain't got a short yardage fix. It's ridiculous."

Like I say, I got to the point, if we can't make that, then we don't deserve to win this game and we don't deserve to have a great year. So figure it out."

Coach Fisher debated punting during the timeout, but the competitior in him won out.

"There was, and I was debating back and forth, and then I looked at myself," Fisher said. "'I said, what are you [doing]? You're a competitor.' I'm the same way and I was mad because we didn't make it. I was mad before. I said, 'well, good, we don't make the 4th down we don't deserve to win it. It's our fault.'"

Florida State running back Dalvin Cook got the first down despite getting hit in the back field. Fisher was glad the team got the first down, but wasn't happy that they're continuing to struggle.

"We're going to keep working on it and we're going to keep banging on it and we're going to keep doing it, and we're going to figure it out," Fisher said. "We've always been good at it."

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